Afghanistan Population Estimates Disaggregated by District, Gender, and Urban/Rural

The latest census in Afghanistan took place in 1979 and as a result the latest population estimates are considered less reliable. Nonetheless, given the available data, the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) as the governmental body for collecting and disseminating statistical data on Afghanistan produces the population estimates on annual basis. The annual population estimates are produced at district, gender, and urban/rural. We found the format at which the population estimates are made available by the CSO to be less friendly, particular for analysis. Therefore, we processed the data and produced it in a format that is analysis-friendly and also available through an interactive table. Note that we do not claim to produce any new data, but rather make the available data more accessible.

You can download the data in comma separated values (.csv) format from here.

You can also download the original data from the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) website here.

For convenience, we have created the interactive table below, which allows search and sort.

You can also view the data on your browser in an interactive table: Open in a new window