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World Development Indicators

A simple yet powerful tool to explore the World Development Indicators from World Bank. This tool allows a complete control over the hundreds of indicators in the form of interactive line graph across time, where it is possible to compare countries.

Plot data in interactive line graphs

Additionally, this tool allows plotting desired indicators in an interactive map. It is also possible to view the raw data and calculate descriptive statistics such as mean, median, and standard deviation for each country. Lastly, the subset data is available to download in .csv format.

Plot data in interactive maps





Theme: Health

Description: Multiple interactive data visualization tools on global burden of disease (GBD), mortality, health-related SDGs and MDGs.
Description: Aims at disaster risk reduction, the site provides multiple interactive and static maps to explore healthcare facilities, natural disaster risks, estimates of response times, among other for areas throughout the country.


Theme: General

Description: Google, a leading company in using data, now offers a platform to visualize common data sources such as WB's World Development Indicators. It is not as developed as one would expect from Google at the moment, but we all can expect something really cool. After all, it is Google!